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5th Annual SoCal Wellness Event Recap

The SoCal Wellness event took place at the stunning Westlake Village Inn on Thursday, January 31st. Tons of wellness experts gathered to share about what is new and exciting in the health, beauty and wellness space. There were dozens of exhibitors showcasing an assorted array of products ranging from cbd infused skincare to hand-crafted jewelry.

I love walking around exhibit halls to learn about new products, chatting with passionate people and making new connections. There were several brands I had encountered in the past, but I was surprised at how many vendors were there that had recently launched their business ventures. The tried and true brands I always enjoy seeing include: Babyganics, Books & Cookies, Saje and One Potato Box. But, honestly I came across some amazing new brands and people who really made the event worthwhile.

While it was lovely connecting with those I'm already familiar with, it brings me great joy to encounter products that are new-to-market. As I strolled through the exhibit space, there were a few wellness brands that really captured my attention. I am never one to shy away from sweet treats, specifically cookies, I came across Pure Pregnancy. The founder, Lauren was a true delight and proud of the cookies she developed. Although I am not currently expecting, for the mamas who are you might just want to pick up a bag of these tasty treats. What sets these cookies apart from traditional ones are they are packed with fiber. That is a really important ingredient to get into your diet at all times, but especially when you're expecting because some times things don't flow as well as they should.

Another brand that really spoke to me was Priya Apotheca. I fell in love with this CBD infused skincare line. As I'm learning, not all CBD products are created equally, and they don't take any shortcuts at Priya Apotheca. This line was developed by a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist who truly understands how to formulate compounds. Their CBD is oil-based instead of water-based which creates a higher CBD absorption, making them more effective. I love how lightweight the products and how they absorb into the skin immediately.

Aside from exploring the exhibit booths, I sat in on a few panel discussions that were given by true experts in the health and wellness space. The first panel discussion I attended was compromised of some true boss babes who are all about nutrition. This panel was moderated by Catherine McCord (@weeliscious) and she asked some thoughtful questions to: Pamela Salzman (@pamelasalzman), Kelly LeVeque (bewellbykelly), Kelly Boyer (@eatpoleta) and Sofie Jaffe (sofie.jaffe). As a mother I love what Sofie had to say about nurturing your postpartum self.

“In my postpartum experience I made sure to get as many whole foods, fruits and vegetables as I could... You’re providing literal life to another human by breastfeeding, so you need to make sure you’re getting enough calories. But, calories that count, not just anything. Making sure you’re being nurtured from the inside out." - Sofie Jaffe

(Pictured L-R: Catherine McCord, Sofie Jaffe, Kelly LeVeque, Pamela Salzman)

My true excitement piqued for the Modern Wellness panel, because I love all things beauty! The women on the panel ranged from beauty brand creators to marketing mavens. Romy Schorr (@romyraves) moderated the panel and began by asking, "what comes to the top of your mind when you hear the term modern beauty?" There were so many great responses, but I really connected with what Andrea Howe had to say about owning their own beauty style.

“It’s great to see women bucking the system in terms of dictating what they’re supposed to look like. What they're supposed to put on their face. Really, it’s individual. If you want to do the natural no makeup, makeup look, that’s great. If you want to do the really glam makeup look, that’s great too! I love the individuality of modern beauty and seeing women do what they want” -Andrea Howe

(Pictured L-R: Romy Schorr, Lauren Berkovitz, Delali Kpodzo, Andrea Howe, Kelly Bonanno)

Of course when it came to Q&A time to ask these boss babes of the Modern Beauty panel something, I didn't want to miss my opportunity. There was a question I was hoping they would have addressed, but didn't, so I raised my hand. I wanted to know what are some new trends we can expect to see in the beauty space this year. And here is what they had to say.

“CBD. It’s overwhelming. It’s hard to sift through what’s what. Is it ingestible? Does it get you high? Does it not? Things like that. It doesn’t! (insert group laughter). At Indy Beauty Expo there were 10 to 20 booths that had CBD products. CBD is known to relax you and it also calms irritation on the skin” -Romy Schorr

CBD isn't the only exciting thing coming to the beauty world this year. Some changes are being made to actual makeup application and style! But, don't just take my word for it.

“The dewy look is very much back. We had a very matte moment for a while. Glosses are back. CC creams. Dewy foundations. I think that makeup wearers want to look a little more like themselves. Like themselves enhanced. For everyday makeup a lot of people are looking for something that feels fresh, that feels youthful and works with your skin as it starts to age.” -Delali Kpodzo

There was so much wellness knowledge under one roof, and I learned a lot. I also had the chance to network with tons of brands, learn about new products on the market, but my favorite part of any event is running into familiar faces. If you stay in any industry long enough, you'll realize it isn't that big after all. While I was at the SoCal Wellness event, I bumped into a couple of my favorite gals, Krysten from Krysten's Kitchen and Saarah of Beauty Momme. Over the past year our working relationship has blossomed into a lovely friendship. Being in the blogging space opens so many doors to a wonderful community!

(Left to right: Amber Tran (me), Saarah Samadani (middle), Krysten Dornik)

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