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Are You Making THIS Lipstick Mistake?

Are You Making THIS Lipstick Mistake?

Let's talk lipstick! You finally find the perfect shade and after months of falling in love, you've come to the end of your lipstick romance. Noooooo! Fingers crossed your perfect shade is still available.

Before you insert the ugly cry, there is something you NEED to know. This beauty hack is going to save you some tears and coin (cha-ching)! Your favorite beauty brand isn't going to like what I'm about to say, but you sure will.

That perfect shade you think is long gone, definitely is not! There is close to another HALF of a lipstick tube in the base.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove the remaining lipstick from the tube and continue your lipstick lust. You can thank me later for this helpful hack.

1. Supplies Needed

Nearly gone lipstick, mini makeup pots*, makeup spatula*, baby wipe/tissue and a permanent marker

2. Take the end of the makeup spatula and begin to scoop out the remaining lipstick in the tube

3. Remove the scooped up lipstick from the tube and scrape the edge of the makeup spatula onto the mini makeup pot. Continue scooping out all remnants of lipstick and transferring them to the mini pot.

4. Wipe the makeup spatula off with a baby wipe/or tissue

5. Stare in amazement at how much lipstick you've been throwing away all these years!

6. Take a permanent marker and write the lipstick color on the top of the mini makeup pot container so you know which color is in the pot

7. Voila! More lipstick to take with you on the go. Perfectly applied with a lipstick brush.

Links to all products used below!

Mini Makeup Pots & Spatula

Lipstick - Mac Faux

Lipstick - Mac Blankety


*If you don't have a makeup spatula, you can use the end of a spoon. You can also get the mini makeup pots at most drug stores in the travel section. Also check your local $0.99 stores for makeup containers.



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