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Create & Cultivate x Roxy: Make Waves, Move Mountains Event

If you're a blogger. Millennial. Or a blogging millennial, I'm putting money on it that you're well aware of Create & Cultivate and their mission to empower women in the digital space. Anyone under the sun (most likely) is already familiar with the brand Roxy. When I heard these two powerhouses were teaming up to host a local event, I knew it was a place I had to be. Plus the tagline sold me in and of itself: Make Waves, Move Mountains. I was all in!

Create & Cultivate x Roxy hosted this event at the beautiful Fig House in Los Angeles. Being one of the first few people to enter the event (so unlike me!), my bestie and I were treated to a Roxy gift card to shop at the pop-up. As we walked through the entrance doors this space was a bloggers dream! Beautiful lighting, hand-lettered customized Roxy tote bags, complete with a Roxy pop-up shop and Airstream.

Before making it too far into the venue a crowd drew near a table where an artist was creating custom canvas tote bags. Like many others, I didn't want to miss out on this opportunity, so I took my place in line and put in my custom order for a Primped & Unpolished bag. It came complete with a Roxy scarf, and it's simply one of my favorite totes to carry around now.

What made this event truly special was the panelist of speakers. C&C x Roxy really pulled out all the stops with this event. The line up was impressive with: Lisa Andersen (4 time world surfing champ), Bruna Schmitz (pro surfer), Deddeh Howard (model), Katie Austin (entrepreneur), Jordan Younger (influencer), mediated by none other than Jaclyn Johnson (C&C founder).

(Left to right: Jaclyn Johnson, Lisa Andersen, Deddeh Howard, Bruna Schmitz, Katie Austin, Jordan Younger)

These women have all overcome and accomplished so much. It was an honor to be in the same room with them and learn from their struggles and successes. Panelist, Deddeh Howard is the creator of the Black Mirror Project. Deddeh is a model and social media influencer. Being that she's a model in Los Angeles, she noticed a trend. She wasn't getting booked for jobs because as they would say she was "too fat" for the job or "not the right look" or even saying "we already have a model like you on our roster." Now, let me paint you a picture of Deddeh. She is stunning! Five foot, ten inches. One hundred and ten pounds. Lean. Gorgeous. African. She was unfortunately being discriminated against. So she took to social media and started to recreate some of the most famous fashion campaigns. You know, like ones you might have seen Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen in. I loved that about her. She was fierce and unapologetic, but in the best possible way.

(Left to right: Amber Tran, Deddeh "DD" Howard, Natalia Santana)

"Once you get the fear out of the way, you'll be able to achieve your dreams." - Deddeh Howard

Aside from hearing from so many inspirational women the bestie and I chatted our way around the event. Meeting with other boss babes trying to make their way in this digital world. We instantly hit it off with Brianna & Hayden. Also besties who we befriended in line. These gals are the creators behind Ball Is Life Blog and Choke Local (respectively). Nothing like making friends with fellow mompreneuers and business minded women.
(Left to right: Amber Tran, Brianna Peterson, Hayden Marie, Natalia Santana)
The bestie and I grabbed a glass of wine and continued to explore all the venue had to offer. Of course, we couldn't miss the Roxy pop-up station. We browsed our way through the newest Roxy threads and eventually made our way inside the Airstream.
Okay, I wanted to move into the Roxy Airstream. It's like it was created just for me! I mean it's even my signature pink. Simply precious and every girly girls dream. The inside had been converted with bench style seating and boho chic throw pillows. This was the perfect quaint spot to chat it up with other boss babes making their way through the Airstream. Plus, there were large open windows letting in that crisp evening air.
After enjoying our time inside the Airstream we ventured around the rest of Fig House and taking in the precious sights.
How perfect is this casual sitting corner right outside the Roxy popup? I think they wanted us to shop till we dropped!
Hearts shot out of my eyes when I spotted this sofa. If I could have found a way to sneak out the door with it, I totally would have made a run for it. I just love everything about this retro chic corner. Plus that stained glass window is just stunning.
If you ever get the opportunity to attend a Create & Cultivate event, I highly suggest going. The panel was amazing and inspiring to hear from. So many boss babes showed up looking to connect with other boss babes. Tons of brilliant questions were asked, and answered with heartfelt responses. After this event, I'm feeling even more inspired to, "Move Mountains, Make Waves."



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