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Bargain Playroom Makeover

Bargain Playroom Makeover

It's pretty wild how much "stuff" you accumulate after having a kiddo. Fast forward 2.5 years and Charlotte's room was overtaken by lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

Our home is on the smaller side, therefore, every square inch matters. It was time to put my thinking cap on for this undertaking. Charlotte and I "share" a room. Her bedroom/playroom is also where you can find my office, squished into a tiny nook. Although it's tiny, it's mighty!

Since I spend majority of my day tucked away in my little nook, it probably makes sense why I was itching to get organized.

Like any responsible millennial mom, I used the best resource I could think of for redecorating a playroom - Pinterest. There were so many adorable playrooms, and after about 100 pins, I felt pretty confident on how I wanted the room to look visually.

Going into the project I knew I didn't want to spent a lot of dough. Although I didn't give myself a "budget" I managed to redo the entire room for under $300!

Here is what we were working with before - utter chaos!

Again, being the millennial mom that I am, it was time to make the trek to the land of build-it-yourself furniture - Ikea. I was looking to get the best bang for my buck, because let's be honest, kids are rough on furniture.

Then all hell broke loose inside Ikea. It was like Dory trying to navigate the open ocean, lol! Oh look that could work, BUT this could be a good option too. Decisions...decisions...

Keep in mind I took Charlotte with me on the journey to Ikea, you know, for my sanity. Needless to say, she was a pretty great shopping partner, until we made it to the warehouse.

Yes, that's my little clown playing peek-a-boo with fellow shoppers in the infamous yellow Ikea shopping bag.

In the end, I kept it very simple and one end goal in mind. Lots of STORAGE!

Here is what we ended up with:

I added an additional Kallax cabinet (next to our previously purchased Kallax bookcase) for my use only - books, notebooks, office supplies, etc. To keep it simple for Charlotte to understand, I added doors to my cabinet. Miraculously, she hasn't been tempted to open mommy's cabinet doors.

Next we picked up two matching Trofast storage cabinets (tall outside cabinets) that can be adjusted to personal preference, which I inserted 6 buckets into each cabinet (4 large, 2 small on each side).

In between the two storage cabinets, I added a shorter Trofast storage cabinet and paired it with 6 buckets (3 large, 3 small)

Above the shorter cabinet I hung up a Sunnersta bar and added 2 Sunnersta small buckets and 1 Variera utensil holder for miscellaneous knick knacks.

In one day we went from one messy Kallax bookcase worth of storage to adding 21 buckets worth of storage! It has made a HUGE difference in space, keeping thing organized and fast cleanup.

Since we did add several new pieces of furniture, some of the old stuff needed to find a new place to go. I moved Charlotte's (rarely slept in) bed from a horizontal placement along the back wall, to a vertical placement in the right corner. To the right of her bed is the tall Trofast cabinet.

Lastly, Charlotte's favorite thing to play with is her kitchen, I didn't want to put it outside for it to get dirty and unforgotten. After several moves around the room, I settled on placing it directly at the foot of her bed.

I organized each bin by toy type - soft babies, baby dolls, kitchen food, tea sets, coloring books/crayons, dress up clothes, accessories, baby doll accessories, puzzles, and so on. We have 21 buckets + the 4 of already stuffed bins which contain: (more) soft babies, (more) dolls and blocks.

Now we both can work... or play in peace. I love how this room has turned out. Clean up is so quick because she understands where things go. And I'm not stuck looking at a chaotic mess day in and day out. It has been a win/win for everyone!

Here is the complete breakdown of all items purchased:

Trofast wall storage - $29.99

Trofast Frame x 2 - $44.99/ea

Trofast Storage Box (L) x 10 - $4.00/ea

Trofast Storage Box (S) x 7 - $3.00/ea

Kallax Shelf Unit - $45.99

Kallax Insert w/ Door x 4 - $15.00

Sunnersta Wall Bar - $1.99

Sunnersta Hook (5 pk) - $0.59

Sunnersta Container x 2 - $0.79/ea

Variera Utensil Holder - $4.99

Grand Total - $296.11 (excluding tax)



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