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How To Be A Minimalist Packer Using A Capsule Wardrobe

Wanderlust - a noun that sparks instant travel longing. My passion for travel began as a young child making long, really long, road trips with my parents. From California to Kansas, just over 1500 miles, and my spark for exploring struck. Over the past 30+ years I can't quite recall how many times the drive has been made, but it has been significant. However, in the past decade, my form of transportation has been upgraded. Yes, I'm talking by flight. I used to dread flying because how in the world was I going to fit all my clothes AND shoes into one suitcase?

After dozens of domestic flights, I learned a few tricks on how to pack more efficiently. It wasn't until I took my first international trip that I was challenged to only bring one carry-on bag. Did I mention it was for a 2-week long trip to Japan... in winter! It seemed like an impossible task, but I was up for the challenge. That was the first time I traveled by plane without checking a bag, and my appreciation for a capsule wardrobe commenced.

Before capsule wardrobes and minimalist packing were even trends I was already on board. For nearly 10 years I have been packing this way and it's easier than you might think. Sure you don't get to bring everything your heart desires, but do you even really wear everything you pack anyway? By packing minimally you can create several different looks using staple pieces. You'll be surprised by how many ways you can style your clothes!

It may sound intimidating to only bring one suitcase for your travels, but it's definitely doable. All you need is a little creativity, a lot of restraint, and some Marie Kondo folding skills. Are you ready to get your carry-on ready and become a minimalist packer?

The key is finding a handful of clothing pieces that you can style in various ways. I'm a neutral lover by nature, but if neutrals aren't your thing, there are tons of ways to style vibrant pieces too!

My typical packing list looks something like this:

1 - waterproof jacket

1 - jean jacket

1 - light weight hoodie

1 - sweater

3 - tee shirts

2 - tank tops/camisoles

4 - pants

1 - shorts

2 - dresses

2 - scarves

2 - pairs of shoes

5 - panties & socks

2 - bras

1 - hat

The list varies depending on locations I'm traveling to, however, for the most part, it looks similar to what is listed above. The list might look extensive, but for several weeks of travel it tends to work out nicely and all fits into a carry-on. Of course, packing minimally will require you do to laundry while traveling. Taking an hour or two every week isn't too painstaking even while on vacation. On the upside, all your clothes stay fresh and your suitcase won't reek.

Links to items above:

White t-shirt

Black t-shirt

Grey t-shirt

Yellow tank

Black camisole

White v-neck sweater

Tan blouse

Light grey hoodie

Green windbreaker

Jean Jacket

Grey convertible pants

Wide leg striped pants

Black joggers

Black jeans

Blue maxi dress

Black pajamas

Black dry fit dress

Black evening dress

Black floppy hat

Leopard scarf

Purple paisley scarf

Tory Burch sandals

Adidas sneakers

Happy traveling! Get that carry-on bag packed and use the minimalist approach for your capsule wardrobe.



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