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How To DIY The Ultimate Tech Free Activity Kit For Kids

First and foremost this incredible idea is inspired by Natasha from Dr. Organic Mommy. Thank you for providing the inspiration behind this DIY and ultimate activity kit for kids.

My family and I embarked on a 3 week journey across S.E. Asia. - Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Three countries, 7 destinations and 8 flights, with our toddler!

Charlotte, our 3 year old is definitely well traveled, having been on nearly two dozen flights already. However, this was our first long distance international trip together. The first leg of our flight was 14 hours. Yep, you read that right! Luckily we got a few hours to stretch our legs before jetting off for an additional 4 hours to make our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand. All-in-all our travel day was a total of 22 hours. You bet I did everything in my power to come prepared and avoid a toddler meltdown at all costs.

I met Natasha a few months ago and learned about her travel activity boxes, and a light bulb went off above my head. Knowing that I have a personal love for DIY, I bookmarked that thought and knew this was a MUST for our trip.

Follow along to see how I created the ultimate travel activity kit.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

1. Metal lunch box 2. Lego baseplate 3. Utility knife 4. Epoxy glue 5. Legos/Blocks 6. Miscellaneous toys 7. Sanding block (optional)

*Everything will be linked below

Step 2: Measurements

Place the Lego baseplate on top of the metal lunch box. I made small little dots on the spots where I wanted to make the cuts on the board. You can make this any size, but I wanted to cover the most surface area.

Step 3: Cutting

Before I began cutting the board, I laid a foam pad and thick piece of cardboard on the table so I wouldn't cut into my table. Then I began cutting from dot-to-dot I marked in Step 2.

Step 4: Sanding (optional step)

This is an extra step, but I didn't cut the edges very straight, so I took a sanding block and sanded down the edges to make them smooth. I also sanded the back side of the baseplate and the top of metal lunch box. This was an extra precaution to ensure they would stick together with the epoxy.

Step 5: Mixing Epoxy

Take the epoxy and mix it together (follow instructions for your epoxy type). For this specific Gorilla glue, it said to pour equal parts into a container (used the packaging) and mix for 20 seconds, until fully incorporated. For this step, I decided to do it outside because I didn't want any fumes in the house. Although there wasn't much smell from the glue, for me it's always better to be safe.

Step 6: Applying Epoxy

Using the wooden stick in the epoxy kit, I took small amounts at a time and applied it evenly over the entire back of the baseplate. Leaving a tiny space from the edges so it wouldn't ooze out from the sides.

Step 7: Gluing

Apply the baseplate to the metal lunch box. On this specific box, the front is debossed, making it uneven. The back of the box, however, is completely flat which is where I glued the baseplate to. From here, I let it dry overnight outside. For an extra measure, I placed a heavy book on top for maximum adhesion.

Step 8: Assembly

Assembly was the best part of the entire project! I was amazed at how many things I was able to fit into this one activity kit. I gathered supplies from several stores to keep boredom at bay. But, my pro tip is to make sure you check out your local dollar stores FIRST. I found so many steals from my local stores. The alphabet beads, round metal containers, mini puzzles, pipe cleaners and mini magna-doodle were all from dollar stores. Several of the other items were from various retailers, but to make it easy everything linked is from Amazon. Making it a one stop shop if you want to build your own activity travel kit!

Hello Kitty Lunch Box

Lego Baseplate

Minnie Mouse Lego Brick Headz

Magnetic Building Blocks

Silly Scent Crayons

Glow In The Dark Beads

Alphabet Beads

Bracelets for Beading

Assorted Pipe Cleaners



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